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Tres Margaritas, One Monkey

· Pro tips and anecdotes from one of Monkey's Midtown favorites ·

Hey all! So here I am posting almost exactly more than THREE weeks after my last blog post (yes I procrastinated even more after writing this…so much more). Thing is, I knew exactly what I wanted to post about almost exactly more than three weeks ago, but then the weather got stupid gorgeous, I got stupid lazy,…

Monkey’s Meatgasm

· V. Miller Meats is the real deal when you’re hungry for squeal ·

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, so after work I thought a nice, leisurely ride to V. Miller Meats in East Sac for some healing bone broth was just the thing. On the way out of the office my co-worker informed me they had been broken into recently and might not be open. At…

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