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Even Monkeys Get the Blues

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March 7, 2018 2 Comments 3 Photos

All this rainy weather makes for a super-bummed-out Monkey. This is the first post in a category about things you can do in Sacramento when you're feeling blue.

Hi, all! Thanks for coming back for another dose of Midtown Monkey. I’ve had so many post ideas swirling around in my head I essentially became paralyzed by indecision last week. And, to be honest, I’ve also been feeling a bit blue, thanks in part to the weather, in part to some life stuff. The end result is that the post I wanted to launch on Friday still resides only in my head, poor thing. (Plenty of room in there at least…did I mention that I have a giant head?)

I tried to break free with a good, cleansing cry last weekend, vowing resolutely to “cry off all my makeup.” But despite some wine, some sad news, some more wine, and threatening to rent “A Dog’s Purpose” if I didn’t make with the waterworks it was no dice. Sometimes you’re just blue. And it’s ok to be blue. But you can’t let it move in, unpack its bags, and rearrange the cupboards, so I’m introducing a new category to the Midtown Monkey blog: Things to Do When You’re Blue.

Once I decided that this was happening, that I was going to open up about feeling down, I felt a lot better, because I was going to put myself out there with a post that might actually help someone, even if in the smallest of ways. But I was still on the verge of tears as I left work and made a beeline for Pressed Juicery on R Street, ready for some self-care. Though it’s fairly new, I’ve already been there at least half a dozen times. Unfortunately, it’s not organic, and the juice isn’t always made the same day, but it’s quick and delicious, and I’m ri-DIC-ulously lazy, plus it seemed like a better snack for a monkey fighting the blues than the Paesano’s Pronto spaghetti carbonara I really wanted (just trying to be real with you here).

As I went to pay, the nice juice girl told me I had earned a free juice. Fist pump! And so, bonus Golden Milk in hand, I pedaled off to Truitt Bark Park on the corner of 19th and Q. Being sans dog, I carefully scanned the posted rules outside the gate, but there was no mention of dogless creepers being prohibited, so I headed inside the small dog park to get me some puppy love.

Between the sunny weather, friendly humans, playful dogs, and a liberal dose of healing dog spit applied to my face by a teeny little Chihuahua puppy named Chewy, my frown was turned upside down and I felt renewed. Of course I tried to be respectful and ask before petting or snapping pics, and Chewy’s human, Andrea (pronounced Ahn-DREY-uh), was so kind and insisted I pick Chewy up so he could apply his “medicine” while we both exclaimed how we just couldn’t even with his cuteness. This Chewy-time was fantastic since most of the dogs were too busy having a blast with each other to be that into helping a monkey out of her blues. But just the sight of their joyousness was like healing dog spit to my brain, and I left the park grinning from ear to ear.

On the way home I thought about how much I wanted to make sure you (pointing at you) understand that being blue is part of being human, and that it’s perfectly ok, even though society seems to go out of its way to make you feel otherwise. I feel so strongly about making sure you’re ok (even if you’re not feeling particularly blue, which is my hope for you) that I’m gonna ask you to put your hand on the computer screen (or finger if you’re on mobile) and repeat after me:

“You is smart.

You is kind.

You is important.

It’s ok to feel blue.

Everything is gonna be ok.

And if for some reason it’s not, it’ll make one hell of a story.”

Now take a deep breath in, and let it out with a triumphant WHOOP! Try not to get spit on the screen because you already got fingerprints everywhere, sheesh.

OK, now go kick some ass! And make sure you follow this blog, and get your friends to follow this blog, because I have a TON of cool, fun things planned for us, my friend.


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    Jams whatzel

    March 8, 2018

    Excellent post. I wonder why it takes so long to show up on my email. This came in midday mar. 7

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      Midtown Monkey

      March 8, 2018

      Thanks so much! Well…Jams…that’s due to my MailChimp settings. I have it set to send out the day after the post. 🙂